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The 2nd Hong Kong International Young Musicians Competition Rules -STRINGS AND CHAMBER COMPETITION

比賽規則 Competition Rules and Regulations  

所有分齡組別週歲計算以 2022 年 1 月 1 日為準。

In all classes where an age requirement is stipulated, the governing date shall be 1 January 2021.


Name and date of birth of contestants must match with the identity documents issued by government such as identity card or passport.


Contestants can choose to participate in more than one entry, but not more than once in the same class number.


Contestants MUST bring a set of the original score to the jurors for reference. Contestants using photocopied music will be disqualified.

參賽者於比賽時無需重覆,註明 D.C.及 D.S.之樂曲除外。

All pieces should be played without repeat, except for D.C. or D.S.


The decisions and results of the competition by the jury are final and indisputable.


The organizer reserves the right to disqualify contestants who fail to meet the requirements for competition or who violate the regulations.


Entry forms not properly completed, without payment of entry fee or without the required supporting material are deemed invalid.


No person or party who has not been authorized by the organizer may take photos, videos or make any kind of recordings at any session of the competitions. The copyrights of all audio and visual recordings of the competition are deemed the properties of the organizer.


Rules, regulations, awards and names of the jurors are subject to change without prior notice.


Soloist must arrange their own pianist, or arrange by the organizers’ pianist (pay by the soloist).

如參加組別中數少於 5 人,則按分得獎,如評判認為參賽者水平未達標, 則名次有機會從缺。

If there are less than 5 people in the class, they will be awarded by points. If the judge determines that the level of the contestant is not up to the standard, there is a chance of missing the position.